Tomales Bay Guided Kayak Tours, Tomales Bay wildlifeTomales Bay Guided Kayaking Tours

All of our tours are led by guides with years of experience on Tomales Bay. If you want to get to know this area like a local there is no better way then to book a guided tour with us!

Kayaking Day Tours

Tomales Bay Expeditions offers guided kayaking tours of Tomales Bay, usually starting in the morning for the best paddling conditions. Tour length is normally 3 hours (longer tours available by request) and includes paddling instruction. Customers get to experience the epic scenery, abundant wildlife and favorable kayaking conditions which make Tomales Bay a world class place to paddle. Tours leave from multiple locations on Tomales Bay based on tide and weather conditions.

Kayak night tours, Tomales Bay, guided kayak tours, fun things to do, exploreKayaking Night Tours

A unique way to experience Tomales Bay is to take a night tour! Led by our highly experienced local guides, these 3 hour tours explore the wonders of Tomales Bay after dark. These can include bioluminescent organisms, nocturnal predators such as owls, and, if the skies are clear, excellent star gazing! Tours leave from various locations depending on tidal conditions.

Come see Tomales Bay bioluminescense!

Tomales Bay has become well known recently as a great place to see planktonic bioluminescense at night. This phenomenon occurs in many oceans around the world but is best viewed in a place like Tomales Bay where low ambient light makes the effect much brighter. It is usually seen as sparkles or a glow around anything which disturbs the water Paddle strokes, the wake of a kayak or even a fish will leave a beautiful trail of light. Bioluminescense tends to be strongest in the summer and fall, although in recent years it has been seen regularly throughout the winter and spring as well. All of our night tours have some chance of seeing bioluminescense, however there are many factors which effect its density and brightness.

At Tomales Bay Expeditions safety is our top priority; conditions on Tomales Bay can vary and we call on our years of experience to determine the best times and places to paddle. As such, all of our tours (especially night tours) are subject to environmental conditions such as tide and weather.
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